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My name is Andy Weatherall and i am a freelance photographer  / videographer.based in stoke on trent staffordshire.

my main work has been filming motorsport events and more recently been filming and editing all the videos for a paranormal group that i am the audio visual manager of .www.stokehaunted.com . i have had some of my work shown on SKY Tvs Unexplained channel  and other tv networks.i have recently updated all my camera gear and now have full hd cameras .SONY  hvr hd1000  sony SR10  SR12

and recently a SONY AXP33  4K Camera   canon xm2.   all  are Hi standard TV quality cameras. i am recovering from 3 ruptured discs in my lower back and this limits my workload ,so im very selective on the  work i now undertake .i am very proud of my work and take each day as it comes all my work it to a very high standard .  i know this to be true .anyone who knows me personaly will say im very critical  of my own work ,i will never release any work until im happy with it .


with years of experience in this fieldWeddings .parties .conferences. Public meetings .concerts & motorsport events ,and more .

.All my video equipment is full professional standard cameras and now ive progressed into the  field of Hi Definition  and 4k .

I have a in house editing suite  at home and edit the DVD/video to very high standards .

My work has been submitted to TV stations in the past and recently

Submitted a dvd to be shown on SKY TVs Paranormal channel  .

I take a great pride in all my work and some of my examples can be seen on this page .

Im now specialising in the Video /DVD side of the business but im still doing the photography side when required .I can also copy VHS TO DVD , Audio tape to MP3 cd.

RECENT WORK UNDERTAKEN Stoke Haunted paranormal investigations ,    rally of gb , SAAS conferences ,Silverstone & MORE

based in stoke on trent staffordshire.i am a father to  1 son name Ian and my girlfriends name is Sara,hobbies include restoring my ford fiesta xr2i to showroom condition with my son motorsport , stoke haunted paranormal group , photography , collecting anything to do with Kylie Minogue and 1/18 scale replica rally cars from 1980  to present day editions .i am recovering from 3 ruptured discs in my lower back and now i have to be selective in the kinds of work i undertake .but i grin and bear the pain daily.



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