PADDY CARR    Teams longest serving member

Hello  i first met Andy and his mum and sara  when we went to do a investergation at the leopard in burslem i worked with a few people before but we split up  well it went so well i told Andy something that only he knew he was gob smacked and that started a freindship that carrys on today  i ave been doing investagations with Stoke Haunted  since Andy started it up  i  have full formed sprits  in pictures  Andy also  has  a film  taken in Kidsgrove near the Harecastle canal tunnel thats shows a person in black walking near us  i now live in Blackpool but if i can get to a investagation i feel at home with Andy, his Mum, and of course  Sara  

                                                                                                                      Patrick Carr

Below is a selection of the vast collection of photos paddy has captured over many years