When we arrive at the venue after unloading our gear we usually have a walk around the venue to get familiar with the areas  we will be concentraiting on as active areas ,we decide where best to place our cameras and equipment and decide a plan of action for the investigation .not aimlessly walking around like some groups ,we split into  groups this way we can account for every member and know at any given time were everyone is so we dont contaminate evidence . and we do the health and safety checks to find which areas may be off limits .some of the things you can expect to see at our investigations   CALLING OUT  , TABLE TIPPING

GLASS DIVINATION , we try various diffrent ways of trying to make any contact , EVPs  K 2 meters Ghost Boxes .

we always aim to get accurate information from our Mediums on site and fully trust them to give us this information ,                                        

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                                                                                                                BASIC PROTECTION                                                                                                            his is also achieved by visualization and there are many techniques available but the following is very simple and easy to perform.• Begin as you did when grounding, with your eyes closed and your feet flat on the ground. Breathe deeply and steadily.• In your mind’s eye, see a BRIGHT light forming above you. See the light form into a sphere of pure gold, as warm and bright as a small sun.• Visualize a single ray beaming down on you from the sphere. The

light of this ray enters into you through the crown of your head and shoots down to fill your entire body with light. Every breath you take is like a bellows, making the light brighter and stronger. Feel your body hum with energy.

• Now see that light begin to expand. With each breath you take see the light pushing through the pores of you skin and out into the air around you until the light not only fills your body, but forms an energyfield around your body. A shield of pure light. • Once the shield feels firmly in place, see the light begin to fade to transparency. Acknowledge in your mind that, although you can no longer see it, the shield remains firmly around you--that although you

can see and hear everything around you, nothing can pass through the shield without your permission and that all harm and negativity directed at you will be deflected off the shield and back to the sender.• When you are done, open your eyes, stand up and walk around for a while. This will ground out any excess energy that has built up inside you. But understand and accept that wherever you go, the shield moves with you.




, Mediums are  VERY IMPORTANT PART OF OUR TEAM BUT YOU REALLY DONT NEED THEM TO CONDUCT AN INVESTIGATION  .they do offer help when other  methods seem to let us down , we accept there is no right or wrong way of conducting an investigation none of the paranormal kit is proven to work officially so we respect its always a gamble .the best paranormal equipment are your own eyes and ears , and complete trust in your team. we try to debunk everything we find looking at it from a logical  way , we do not jump to the conclusions anything we find is paranormal we try everything possible to find a more logical explaination when we have no explaination we post it on our site for you to decide , you will not see orbs  on our website unless posted by public members. they really are over exposed nothings most of the time or can easily explained away so we tend to dismiss any orb photos unless  we know everything  that happened when the photo was taken , camera used ,weather conditions , shutter speed , handheld or tripod ,indoors outdoors etc . other groups have their own opinions on the Orbs this is were we stand .and finally HAVE FUN  .you only get out of it what you put into it so work hard and the results do come



      we are  not a group that that charges our guests to come on investigations,we are not a money making group unlike most of the larger paranormal organisations . here at Stoke Haunted we care more about capturing evidence than entertaining people on a ghost hunt.

if we feel we have to charge for any events the cost to you will be just to cover the investigation venue and we will not be making anything out of the event we leave that to other groups that run their group as a business .this is our hobby this is what we do . we will work with any  paranormal groups and offer any help and advise anyway we can .

please ask for advise on using equiptment on investigations we will advise what you need and how to use it correctly .

most groups have the equiptment but do not have a clue how to get the best from it or even use it correctly .take the IR Temp sensor  how many times do we see groups looking at cold spots with this meter , its not designed to find cold spots its a average temp device that reads the temperature from the surface that the red dot hits .to find cold spots you use a enviromental meter .easy mistake to make we did it ourselves in the early days .we dont confess to have all the answers but all information we give comes from research and years of experience  we have attained .


                                                                                                  SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Investigating with the lights off  Nearly every ghost-themed TV show has several scenes in which the investigators walk around in a darkened place, usually at night, looking for ghosts. Purposely conducting an investigation in the dark intentionally hobbles the investigation and is completely counterproductive. It also violates common sense and logic: If you are trying to identify an unknown object, is it better to look for it under bright lights or in a darkened room? There are no other objects or entities in the world that anyone would think are better observed in darkness instead of light; why would ghosts be any different? Humans are visual creatures, and our eyes need light to see-the more light, the better. Darkness, by definition, severely limits the amount of light and therefore the amount of visual information available. Searching at night in the dark puts investigators at an immediate and obvious disadvantage in trying to identify and understand what's going on around them.

Furthermore, this strategy fails on its own terms. Although some report seeing ghosts as glowing figures, many people report them as shadows or dark entities. Searching a dark room for a shadowy figure is an exercise in futility. Unless a ghost or entity has been specifically and repeatedly reported or photographed emitting light, there's no valid, logical reason for ghost investigators to work in the dark. The reason it's often done for television shows is obvious: it produces more dramatic footage. It's spookier and more visually interesting to film the ghost investigators with night-vision cameras

Ineffectively using recording devices

EMF detectors, ion counters, and other gear have no use in ghost investigations. Ordinary cameras and audio recorders, however, can be helpful if used correctly. Unfortunately, many ghost hunters don't know how to use such equipment effectively.

One common example is the use of voice recorders. Most ghost hunters,  team, use handheld voice recorders in an attempt to capture a ghost voice or EVP. Often the ghost hunter addresses the supposed spirit while holding the recorder and either standing in the middle of a room or walking around. Sometimes a voice-like sound or noise will be heard at the time; if so, the ghost hunter(s) will ask more questions, or the sound or EVP will be saved for later analysis.

Unfortunately, this is an ineffective protocol. To identify the nature of the sound (human, ghost, cat, furnace, etc.), an investigator must first determine its source, which in turn involves locating the sound's origin; this can be very difficult for a ghost hunter to do, especially in a darkened room. If the sound came from an open window, that suggests one explanation. If the sound's origin can be traced to the middle of an empty room, that might be more mysterious. Locating the source of a sound is nearly impossible using only one recording device.

A better way to scientifically determine the source location of a sound is with more than one microphone-at least three, and the more there are the better. By placing sensitive microphones throughout the location (and certainly in the four corners of a room), the signal strength of the sound can be measured at each microphone. Along with a basic knowledge of acoustics and math, these readings allow the investigator to triangulate within a few feet where the sound came from. Ideally this work should be done in real time so that ghost hunters can immediately investigate the cause; finding some “anomaly” while reviewing evidence days or weeks later is pointless.


What we do on an Investigation


 most of us got into the world of the paranormal  by watching various TV shows  and there grows a fascination and intrest we all share .Over the last few years ive seen paranormal groups come and go charging stupid amounts of money charging the public to go on a so called ghost hunt . I think I can safely say these groups are only after your money most have no  paranormal investigation skills  and its basically a guided tour around a old building .If you want to do the kind of investigations you often see on TV then join a reputable  group like Us and you will find many on the internet . This way you will not be robbed of your money and will have a great night investigation .We only charge a small amount to cover the cost of the hire of the venue and make no profit out of any investigation at all .So if you would  like to book  a investigation with us please contact us on our contact page .We are very busy doing investigations  most weekends but im sure we could sort you a investigation