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We understand at Stoke Haunted the activity you may be experiencing sometimes it can be frightening , unnerving ,and bothersome.You may want the activity to stop or get confirmed .our team of paranormal professionals with years in the field are here to help we are trained to be sensitive and respectful of your situation  and personal needs .We conduct our investigations in a professional manner and will aim to find the answers you  may require answering ,So whether you are looking to verify a haunting for personal interest  or publicly Stoke Haunted  have the knowledge  and understanding , and piece of mind Stoke Haunted is the right choice for you .OUR MISSION

Is to provide , help and direction  to people affected by paranormal activity ,Capture and document ghostly phenomena , and contribute to the study of the paranormal field .What separates Stoke Haunted from all the rest is our high end paranormal equipment Our skepticism  our professionalism and attention to detail.We utilize top of the line tools ,techniques and equipment designed to capture the highest amount of tangible evidence . although we have a team of talented psychics that contribute on our investigations .We do not declare any location to be haunted just on gut feelings .   Stoke Haunted  are not a house clearence service  we feel this is a specialised service that should only be offered by people with the backing of the church .

we will advise you on the correct way to get help , Do not get the local Medium around to try to get rid of this energy/spirit  it is usually out the reach of most mediums ,this can  usually make the situation worse .it is impossible to force spirits from a home without doing a full excorcism, and this is not something that should be treated lightly , we can advise on ways to help if you are concerned .

we are a very respected team and are covered by public liability insurance for your piece of mind .

we do a scientific type of investigation and not the usual play at being ghostbusters

so if we can offer our services to you please contact us via the email tab

our services are free  and all done in a very professional manner


updated  4th  December 2019

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 "the scariest ghost stories are the real ones "

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Est 10th September 1999

Everyone at Stoke Haunted is highly trained to be sensitive and respectful of your unique situation and personal requirements.All of our investigations are conducted in a professional manner with the aim of finding the answers to any questions you may have.

As a paranormal team, we at Stoke Haunted understand that the activity you may be experiencing can be frightening, unnerving and bothersome. You may want the activity to stop or, you may want to have your experiences thoroughly investigated. Our team of paranormal professionals have had years of involvement within the field and are available to advise and assist in any way should you want them to.

So, whether you are seeking verification of a haunting for your own personal reasons or to share with the general public, Stoke Haunted have the knowledge, understanding and practical skills needed to complete the job. We capture and document any ghostly phenomena, contributing to the study that is, “the paranormal field”. What sets Stoke Haunted above the rest is our use of high-end equipment, our balance of healthy scepticism and believing, our professionalism and attention to detail. We utilise a mixture of traditional methods and top-of-the-line tools and techniques as well as listening to our team of talented psychics. We do it all in the hope of capturing tangible evidence which will be compiled into a case file to be researched further. We will never declare any property as “haunted” based on gut feeling alone.

Stoke Haunted respectfully outline that we are not a house clearance service; we feel that such work should be completed by a specialist: e.g., a specifically trained individual whom is backed by the church. Advice will be given on the correct way to get help – it is not wise not to allow a local medium to attempt to rid you; or a building, of lingering or troublesome “energies”, it is far too difficult for most mediums to manage singlehandedly, it frequently makes the situation much worse. It is impossible to force any spirit from a home without performing a full exorcism, a process which should never be treated lightly.

We pride ourselves on being a much respected team within the paranormal community although we are nothing like what you see on TV. We don’t play at being ghost busters, our field of expertise reaching far wider. To investigate the supernatural is serious business and should not be toyed with when it can affect the lives of others if done incorrectly.  

Remember, we offer a free and bespoke service, each investigation moulded to the specifics of the case. If you think that we can help you, please contact us by clicking on the email tab or by heading to our Stoke Haunted Facebook page where you can message us directly.

We look forward to working with you!




we are always looking for new Equipment to test and put through its paces .

if you are a builder or manufacturer of Paranormal Equipment

and need a honest review of your kit  .

please feel free to contact us on the email address below

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Hazel Weatherall   04/01/43   21/03/19

we are putting a hold on things at the moment until the time is right to continue .

this is not the End of Stoke Haunted  i need time to get my head straight .



Until then R.I.P. Mum


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