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Here are a few of the Great people we have met & worked with  in the past  & will continue to work with

I'm Matt, I'm 30 years old, i have a keen interest in the paranormal and anything that pushes the boundaries of what we know already, and am also very excited about what we can learn from it. In the group i function as a spiritualist medium, but feel that this isn't my only role. I have a keen interest in proving survival of spirit in many other ways besides the evidence that's passed on through spirit. The science behind paranormal investigation intrigues me greatly, and hope to find a rounded set of evidence to further solidify that there is an existence beyond the life we know.


Where i can i like to share all the knowledge and experience i can with the group, whether that's given by spirit, or what i have learned I feel they are all very much one and the same. Everyone's path of experience is different and we all have our own lessons to learn.

I have been having my tarot cards read occasionally since I was 17 by various different people, also visiting mediums, I was not looking for answers, but I became fascinated and curious. I have enjoyed my tarot and medium readings for the past 18 years. My mum, after loosing both her parents (my grandparents) sadly within 9 months of each other back in the 90's, had an appointment with a wonderful medium from the town where I grew up, the experience my mum had was amazing and so accurate. I would say that the experience my mum had made me think a lot. I absolutely believe that our soul/energy never dies and gifted people can connect. My interest and fascination on this subject began to grow and carries on growing as I get older. I trained in many holistic therapies, my latest being reiki, I am attuned to level 1 & 2, for me this is a very spiritual and healing treatment and since my attunment to reiki, I have become more open and aware of spiritual energy, i am actually starting to connect to spirit energy too. I have already had many connections. I met a member of stoke haunted at a medium workshop and we have become friends. I have and still do enjoy reading statues, comments on Stoke Haunted FB page. Paranormal activity is something else that fascinates me, despite not knowing much about it, I am very interested in the subject. I was delighted when Andy had asked me to join the team on a recent investigation! Excited didn't come close! Of course I said yes and I attended my first investigation with an open mind. I had a great evening with some of the team that attended that night and I really enjoyed my first experience, you all made me feel very welcome and I hope to meet other team members and join in many more Stoke Haunted paranormal investigation's in the future.


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I became aware of spirit from a very early age. I remember being told my Great Grandmother had passed and I was not allowed in her bedroom as she was in there ready to be taken to her funeral which was a few days away. Like any inquisitive child I went into the room and sat on the bed and started chatting to her as she just looked  as though she was asleep. The she appeared to be sitting next to me smiling and I was trying to rationalise why she was lying in a coffin but also sitting next to me. As I got older this memory fuelled my passion for the paranormal and my search for the unknown. I read, watched and absorbed any bit of information I could find. After getting married I moved into a Tudor built house and I started to experience things there and  began interacting with a lovely spirit child. The more ive seen the more I want to see. Ive come a long way on my spiritual journey but by no means have I finished it. Dont think I ever will until I find the answers that im seeking.



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