Hi Everyone

My name is Andy i am the tech guy above everything else i am responsible for all the footage / audio and editing you see on our website .

i am a very out spoken person and call a spade a spade i tell it like it is ,sometimes i say things that offend some people and dont keep my mouth shut when i should ,im passionate about the paranormal and hate anything that ridicules this intresting hobbie .my kit reviews are brutal and honest and i dont always have good things to report on some of the paranormal kit ,but its my findings and my honest opinion im not going to say this is better than that just because everyone else does .you might agree or dissagree but im honest .

if someone asked me what is the best paranormal kit to get, my answer  would be to be a good paranormal investigator you need an open mind and the most important kit is your eyes and ears .to me my most important kit apart from eyes and ears has to be my camcorder .

and a team you can trust and have respect in .

thanks for reading my drivel

happy hunting